ISQ at the Hannover Messe 2017

will be part of the PRODUTECH cluster – Production Technology , at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017 fair, in Hannover, from 24 to 28 april, demonstrating innovative solutions developed by companies and organizations from the production technologies sector.

will present the prototype “Phasewind – Development of an integrated system for of wind towers”, developed under an NSRF project. “Phasewind” is an automated integrated weld system of advanced ultrasonic techniques, incorporating a scanner, consisting of a sensor housing with automatic positioning and alignment capabilities and a real-time automatic identification and tagging module for defects.

More information about presented at the event:

TRACE-IT – An Advanced Structural Integrity System for Air Composites using NDT Evaluation and Damage Tolerance Methods.

INTERAIL – Development of A Novel Integrated System for the and Evaluation of Rail Tracks. INTERAIL seeks to practically eliminate rail failures by developing and successfully implementing an integrated high-speed system for the fast and reliable of rail tracks.

HITRUST – EMAT Automated System for in service of critical components operating at high temperatures.  has developed HITRUST scanner, an automated non-destructive system based in ElectroMagnetic Transducers (EMAT), which main purpose is the and subsequent 2D mapping of erosion thickness losses and coarse pitting.


O é uma entidade privada e independente com 50 anos de actividade, que presta serviços de inspeção, ensaio, formação e consultoria técnica.

Oferecemos aos nossos clientes serviços e soluções integradas e inovadoras garantindo a conformidade dos seus activos e produtos com as normas e regulamentos em termos de qualidade, segurança, ambiente e responsabilidade social.
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