ISQ Group invests in new center in Brazil

This center will focus on research in areas where ISQ has been rendering services in Brazil, such as advanced non-destructive testing and management and assessment of critical industrial assets. These R&D activities will be an essential support to the ISQ Brazil development, in particular in the sectors of Energy, Oil & Gas, Industry in general and Aeronautics. This investment’s announcement comes after the visit of the secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Narciso Rodrigues, to the global headquarters of the ISQ Group in Oeiras last July 2013. ISQ is present in Brazil for more than de 20 years, having established the ISQ Brasil in 2000 with the aim to develop services targeted to technologically support the Brazilian industry. This company currently provides R&D based inspection, technical assistance and training services. With headquarters in Belo Horizonte and delegation in Rio de Janeiro and in Vitória, ISQ Brazil currently makes around € 10 million and employs more than 200 people.


O ISQ é uma entidade privada, independente, com sede em Portugal e que oferece aos seus clientes um vasto conjunto de serviços de Engenharia, Consultoria Técnica, Inspeções Técnicas, Ensaios e Testes e desenvolve também atividades de I&DT e Inovação.

Estes serviços são desenvolvidos pelo ISQ, ou pelas suas empresas participadas, recorrendo a equipas multidisciplinares e apoiadas em mais de 20 laboratórios acreditados. Os serviços são dirigidos aos sectores de Oil & Gas, Energia, Automóvel, Aeroespacial, Indústrias de Processo, Saúde, Transportes, Mobilidade, entre outros.