ISQ at the Hannover Messe 2017

ISQ will be part of the PRODUTECH cluster – Production Technology Center, at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017 fair, in Hannover, from 24 to 28 april, demonstrating innovative solutions developed by companies and organizations from the production technologies sector.

ISQ will present the prototype “Phasewind – Development of an integrated system for inspection of wind towers”, developed under an NSRF project. “Phasewind” is an automated integrated weld inspection system of advanced ultrasonic techniques, incorporating a scanner, consisting of a sensor housing with automatic positioning and alignment capabilities and a real-time automatic identification and tagging module for defects.

More information about ISQ projects presented at the event:

TRACE-IT – An Advanced Structural Integrity System for Air Transport Composites using NDT Evaluation and Damage Tolerance Methods.

INTERAIL – Development of A Novel Integrated System for the Inspection and Evaluation of Rail Tracks. INTERAIL seeks to practically eliminate rail failures by developing and successfully implementing an integrated high-speed system for the fast and reliable inspection of rail tracks.

HITRUST – EMAT Automated Inspection System for in service inspection of critical components operating at high temperatures. ISQ has developed HITRUST scanner, an automated non-destructive system based in ElectroMagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT), which main purpose is the inspection and subsequent 2D mapping of erosion thickness losses and coarse pitting.


O ISQ é uma entidade privada, independente, com sede em Portugal e que oferece aos seus clientes um vasto conjunto de serviços de Engenharia, Consultoria Técnica, Inspeções Técnicas, Ensaios e Testes e desenvolve também atividades de I&DT e Inovação.

Estes serviços são desenvolvidos pelo ISQ, ou pelas suas empresas participadas, recorrendo a equipas multidisciplinares e apoiadas em mais de 20 laboratórios acreditados. Os serviços são dirigidos aos sectores de Oil & Gas, Energia, Automóvel, Aeroespacial, Indústrias de Processo, Saúde, Transportes, Mobilidade, entre outros.
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