ISQApave certifies equipment in Angola

The inspection and non-destructive testing of this equipment involves 8 to 10 specialist technicians during a period of 4 years. The inspection will be carried out at the Schlumberger facilities in Luanda – Sonil’s Base and in Soyo – Kwanda Base. ISQAPAVE operates in the Angolan market providing inspection/supervision services in the areas of mechanical construction, electricity and instrumentation, supervision of projects and surveillance of civil construction, non-destructive testing, material testing, risk based inspection (RBI), metrologic calibrations and verifications, maintenance inspection and evaluation of the structural integrity of equipment, safety inspection, environment impact studies, qualification of human resources and professional training. It operates in the oil&gas sector, chemical and petrochemical industry, water and sewage infrastructures, energy production and cement industry.


O ISQ é uma entidade privada, independente, com sede em Portugal e que oferece aos seus clientes um vasto conjunto de serviços de Engenharia, Consultoria Técnica, Inspeções Técnicas, Ensaios e Testes e desenvolve também atividades de I&DT e Inovação.

Estes serviços são desenvolvidos pelo ISQ, ou pelas suas empresas participadas, recorrendo a equipas multidisciplinares e apoiadas em mais de 20 laboratórios acreditados. Os serviços são dirigidos aos sectores de Oil & Gas, Energia, Automóvel, Aeroespacial, Indústrias de Processo, Saúde, Transportes, Mobilidade, entre outros.
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