Acronym: AMHE

Project Title: European Wetlands Ambassadors

Project Code: 2019-1-FR01-KA202-062930

Total Cost: 329.029€

Funding: 329.029€



AMHE project aims to create a response to two European challenges:

  • provide quality training and offer very ambitious and sustainable professional perspectives to people currently excluded from labour market and who are integrated through work economic activities,
  • protect and promote natural wetlands and European rivers. (Water Framework Directive, by which European authorities and Member States must manage, pollution control and prevent natural hazards, as well as inform the public).

To respond to this, the project partners propose to establish and test a new repository of skills, complementary to skills and training already acquired in the institutions for integration in the field of sustainable development. This repository of skills draws a new job profile, the “Wetlands Ambassador” by bringing to the training topics currently covered by the integration organizations active in the implementation value of wetlands, new themes such as environmental mediation, knowledge of the environment, ecological engineering and strengthening of transversal skills and capacities for action.

The project will be supported by a partnership of 7 organizations from 6 countries (Croatia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal) with complementary areas of action and status.

The main objective of AMHE project is to establish and test a new set of competences within social insertion organisations acting within the field of sustainable development.





The project AMHE ambition is to define, test and validate a pilot European profile “Wetland Ambassadors” build on a new multi-disciplinary competency framework integrating technical, transversal competences and know-how.

Strengthen the skills of the trainers in charge of supporting the public in professional integration within associations, training organizations and local authorities in order to accompany and support the implementation of this new profile.

The main outputs will be:

  • Creation of a new profile EU Wetlands Ambassadors
  • integration of new topics such as environmental mediation, knowledge of the environments, ecological engineering, in addition to a reinforcement of transversal skills and capacities
  • Transmission and pedagogical validation adapted to the specificities of the target group.


Accomplished by the following intellectual outputs:

  • O1: Job reference system for European Wetlands Ambassadors
  • O2: Framework and training content “European Wetlands Ambassadors
  • O3: Evaluation and certification framework of ” European Wetlands Ambassadors»
  • O4: Resource centre “AMHE” and e-learning tool for training the trainers


This project also aims to support the reference system allowing its recognition by European operators in charge of employability and the public authorities in charge employment and training policies.




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Type of Project: Education, Integration, Social, Sustainability, Training
Project Website:
Project Programme: Erasmus+
Project Coordinaton: Communauté de communes du Sud-Corse (France)
Project Contact:
Start Year: 2019
Project Duration: 2019-2022

Project Partners: Irecoop Toscana (Italy), Instituto Para el Fomento del Desarrollo y la Formacion sl (Spain), Dimos Alimoumunicipality of Alimos (Greece), Etudes Et Chantiers Corsica (France), ISQ (Portugal), Ecological Association Krka Knin (Croatia)