Acronym: APP&Teach

Project Title: Mobile APPs for in-company VET trainers to facilitate the participation of SMEs in apprenticeship programs

Project Code: 2017-1-It01-Ka202-006167

Total Cost: 45 477,00€

Funding: 45 477,00€



There is strong evidence that work-based learning helps to equip young people with the skills that can improve their employability and ease the transition from school to work. The European Commission has called upon governments, social partners and education and training providers to promote apprenticeships and other forms of work-based learning (High-performance apprenticeships & WBL). There is an increasing and urgent need in Europe to boost and support the participation of SMEs in apprenticeship.

The aim of APP & TEACH project is to facilitate the participation of SMEs in apprenticeship by equipping in-company VET trainers with the necessary skills and innovative ICT-based tools to support both the management and the training activities involved in apprenticeship programs.

The project develops an e-Learning course on Management of Apprenticeship Programmes for SMEs and tailor-made Mobile APPs adapted to the specific reality and needs of companies when delivering apprenticeship programmes. In-company VET trainers will be able to  strike the right balance between the company-specific needs of the employer and the general employability of the apprentice.



The project will design and elaborate the following Outputs to support the participation of SMES in apprenticeship programs:

  • A European ECVET Curriculum on Management of Apprenticeship Programs for SMEs;
  • A Training Course on Management of Apprenticeship Programs for SMEs;
  • An innovative Mobile Instructional Learning APPs designed to train teachers and educators from VET schools, training providers and intermediary bodies to use and design multi-level Mobile Learning APPs;
  • A Multilingual e-learning platform with innovative e-Learning courses and OER on Management of Apprenticeships for SMEs;
  • A Set of tailor-made Mobile APPS
  • A Guide for validation, certification & accreditationof Management of Apprenticeships for SMEs in Europe

APP & TEACH will have a direct impact on in-company trainers facilitating the participation of SMEs in apprenticeship and on the ICTbased teaching skills of teachers and educators from VET schools, training providers and intermediary bodies and also of incompany trainers. The long term impact envisaged is a strengthening of the VET system and the apprenticeship programmes in Europe.



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Type of Project: Education, Training, VET Projects
Project Website:
Project Programme: Erasmus+
Project Coordinaton: Centro Servizi Formazione (Italy)
Project Contact:
Start Year: 2017
Project Duration: 2017-2020

Project Partners: Centro Servizi Formazione (Italy), ISQ (Portugal), INFODEF (Spain), ELearning Studios (United Kingdom), IEKEP (Greece), IDEProjet (France), INNOQUALITY SYSTEMS (Ireland), EST Institut GmbH (Austria)