Project Name: Promote co-creative projets in recovery/repaire/reuse sector & boost social and professional inclusion among youth

Grant agreement no: 2016-1-FR01-KA202-023909

Total cost: 38887,45€

Total Funding: 38720,78€

The environmental balance is a central concern and only solution for sustainable development. The Paris UN Climate Conference held in December 2015, place at the heart of the device the promotion of an effective policy of using resources, the circular economy and the innovation.


  • Encourage partnerships between waste management services, local authorities, training providers, businesses and stakeholders in the social economy (eg ressourceries) to facilitate the recovery potential in this area and enrich sector actions of a cross-reflection.
  • Equipping project leaders so that they understand the acting on their territory and do emerge momentum around their project while remaining in the public policies of prevention.
  • Promote the emergence of new forms of innovation based on sharing, as frugal innovation integrating societal settings in the heart of the projects. This will increase the added value of waste upgraded through the development of an eco-design industry and enriche/develop skills needed for this new sector.
  • Promoting social and professional integration of young people in difficulty by introducing them to creative intelligence, through open innovation laboratories / Co-Design workshops.

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Type of Project: VET Projects
Project Programme: Co-funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union
Project Coordinaton: Office de l'Environnement de la Corse
Project Contact: formacao@isq.pt
Start Year: 2016
Project Duration: 2018

Project Partners: Office de l'Environnement de la Corse (FRANCE), Etudes Et Chantiers Corsica (FRANCE), AID BW-EFT asbl (BELGIUM), Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa Spa - ASEV (ITALY), Consell Insular de Mallorca (SPAIN), ISQ (PORTUGAL)