Acronym: DESTINE

Project Title: European Design Technicians League

Project Code: 2020-1-ES01-KA202-082337

Total Cost: 284.760,00 €

Funding: 284.760,00 €



Additive Manufacturing (AM) is seen to be an economic enabler for the EU to secure a strong industrial base. Market forecasts predict that between 2031- 2038 AM is expected to reach 50% of the market potential, while reaching 100% of the market potential between 2058 -2065 (Thomas, 2016). Qualifying personnel for the AM sector is crucial. The Deloitte Report (2019), addressing AM challenges and why companies are not yet fully applying AM, indicates that AM suffers from a “Capability challenge”characterized by a skills gap and by the difficulty in finding well-trained workforce capable of applying AM to real world production.

A 2019 literature review on AM professionals in the industry (Skills Roadmap/Professional Profiles) undertaken in the scope of EU SAM project, enabled to identify additional challenges addressing skills needs. A survey conducted with 200 companies and 100 R&D Centres from 29 countries, revealed that currently 72% of the companies using AM technologies in Europe are using metals as main material and that the demand is very high for AM Designers, amongst other professionals.

With DESTINE project, it is intended to create a new professional profile for the area of metals in Additive Manufacturing: the Design Technician in Additive Manufacturing for metals. This professional profile will lead to a new qualification, also developed within the scope of this project, in line with level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework.

It is also an objective of the project to test this qualification and offer trainees the opportunity to participate in National and European Skills Competitions organized by the consortium, in a first phase, but to add to the EuroSkills competitions.



One of the most important purposes of DESTINE is to enable the connection between education and AM industry, allowing youngsters to be inspired and attracted to a multi-skilled career in industry. In this context, the project has initiated a sound collaboration and join-effort between VET organisations at National and European levels, in order to deliver a unique transnational curriculum embedded in innovative learning approaches.

DESTINE is expected to contribute to the growth of Additive Manufacturing and, at the same time, to meet the need for qualified personnel in the market. To offer young people the possibility of embarking on a promising professional path and giving them the opportunity to participate in national and international skills competitions.

It is expected, as results:

  • A new European curriculum – European Metal Additive Manufacturing Design Technician – aligned with the needs of the industry, to be integrated into the International Qualification System in Additive Manufacturing (IAMQS)
  • A guide for trainers and teachers, to support them in implementing this new qualification
  • Establishment of competitions for national and European competences applied to this new qualification, with specific rules
  • Integration of this new qualification in National Qualifications Catalogues

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Type of Project: Training
Project Programme: Erasmus+
Project Coordinaton: Fundación IDONIAL (Spain)
Project Contact:
Start Year: 2020
Project Duration: 2 years

Project Partners: ISQ (Portugal), Fundación IDONIAL (Spain), CESOL – Asociación Española de Soldadura Y Tecnologias de Unión (Spain), EWF - European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (Belgium), Istituto Italiano della Saldatura – Ente Morale (Italy), IEFP IP - Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional (Portugal), LZH Laser Akademie GmbH (Germany)