Acronym: LIFT

Project Title: LIFT – Ladies Code Their Future

Total Cost: 24953,00€

Funding: 24153,00€

“Women are under-represented among ICT specialists in all EU Member States; a striking contrast with total employment where the genders are broadly balanced. Figures show that in 2016, an overwhelming majority (83.3%) of ICT specialists employed in the EU were men. This was the case in every EU Member State.”(Eurostat News Release, July 2017). The LIFT project intends to establish best practice in how to “break the glass ceiling” of access to quality ICT learning and self-learning amongst women.

The project is aimed towards women who lack basic ICT knowledge and who may also have a low level of technological confidence and intends to offer compensatory learning in basic IT and programming skills through mentoring, training and confidence-building measures.


  • Improve women’s ICT confidence and ability through a tailored training and coaching programme;
  • Enhance digital literacy and basic coding skills of disadvantaged women
  • Enhance, through coding education, the transversal competencies of the target group focusing on skills such as creativity, interpersonal cooperation, cross-cultural cooperation, coding communication, problem solving and self-expression.


  • A transnational needs analysis report on female participation in coding and programming;
  • A Curriculum for basic ICT competence development, including basic coding and programming competence;
  • An online learning platform that will host competence and confidence building open education resources introducing women to the world of coding;
  • An ICT Roadmap presented as an empowerment tool for women;
  • A virtual video-tour in the world of role models focusing specifically on female IT specialists in Europe.

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Project Programme: Erasmus +
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Start Year: 2017
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Project Partners: Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum, DirectWeb, ISQ, Meath Partnership, Inthecity Project Development, Innovation Training Center, S.L. (ITC), EOLAS S.L.