Project Title: SKILL CIRCLE – Skills for transition to circular economy

Total Cost: 28.040,00€

Funding: 27.040,00€

Building a circular economy for Europe is a key priority (EU Policy Report Jan 2017). Closing the loop-the Action Plan for the Circular Economy of the EU states: “the transition to a more circular economy, where the value of products, materials and resources is maintained in the economy for as long as possible, and the generation of waste minimized, is an essential contribution to the EU’s efforts to develop a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy.”

Circular economy is a solution to increase EU’s competitiveness by protecting businesses against scarcity of resources and unstable prices, helping to initiate new business opportunities and more sustainable ways of producing and consuming, as well as to create local jobs at all skills levels and opportunities for social integration.

The project aims the development of circular economy skills in learners with a low educational level and/or with a migrant context, in order to make them more qualified and active in the future.

Project outcomes will contribute to innovative entrepreneurial skills development of VET learners and to integration of circular economy thinking skills training into European curricula by the following activities:

  • Analysing the specific training needs in circular economy of VET learners
  • Exploring current practices of circular economy thinking and acting in Europe
  • Developing and testing a training program for driving a change of mindset and develop circular skills for the future
  • Developing online training materials, tailored to low-educated learners and suitable for those with migrant/refugee background, which will educate about circular economy thinking
  • Developing high quality OERs for VET learners, thus promoting equality and inclusion in the learning process

Intellectual outputs will be:

  1. “Circular skills for the future” – Specific training needs of VET learners in relation to circular economy;
  2. “What makes your micro business circular?” – Digital stories of circular thinking and acting from different sectors of industry in Europe;
  3. Curriculum: “Circular Skills for the Future” – aiming to drive a change of mindset of VET learners;
  4. SKILL CIRCLE Training Kit including educational films which educate about the implementation of a circular economy model and circular economy thinking;
  5. SKILL-CIRCLE b-Learning space – an OER for developing circular thinking skills.

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Project Programme: Erasmus +
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Start Year: 2017
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Project Partners: HÄLSINGLANDS UTBILDNINGSFÖRBUND (HUF), Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum (SEC), Inthecity Project Development (Inthecity), EOLAS S.L., ISQ, Exponential Training & Assessment Limited (ETA)