Management systems consulting/auditing

Management systems consulting/auditing

Management systems consulting is there to help organisations by creating methodologies that help them develop and find the best way to achieve improved internal process effectiveness and efficiency, thus offering more suitable products, meeting the expectations of customers and helping them to increase their productivity and competitiveness in an ever more competitive environment. Consulting services rendered by ISQ further enable organisations to certify their management system, particularly in highly regulated sectors, in order to maintain their competitiveness. Quality ISQ provides consulting and auditing services of quality managements systems according to the universal used standard NP EN ISO 9001. Other standards or technical specifications adapted to industrial sectors can be used by ISQ, such as, TS 16949 to the car industry. Energy Energy management systems consultancy ensures more rational product enhancement during the different processing stages and control of energy impacts. The ISQ approach focuses on minimizing energy consumption while ensures the quality of both products and processes assisting companies in their corporate responsibility improvement. ISQ use commonly NP EN 16001 standard (equivalent to ISO 50001). Innovation and development To provide consulting and auditing services of innovation and development managements systems ISQ use NP 4456, NP 4457, NP 4458 standards along with technical specifications adapted to specific industrial sectors. Social responsibility and sustainability Analysis and control of social impacts contribute positively to the development of products and processes and the quality perceived by the community, resulting in duly implemented social and ethical practices. Internationally accepted standard is SA 8000, although ISQ also uses the increasingly relevant GRI – Global Reporting Initiative reference. Food safety Analysis and control of the impacts on quality to ensure maximization of the quality perceived by customers and compliance with the implicit quality in the product, normally governed by compulsory legal requirements. Commonly used standard is NP EN ISO 22000 (equivalent to ISO 22000). ISQ also uses the BRC and IFS references, increasingly required in many contracts. Safety and health at work Consultancy in safety at work management systems enables organisations to certify their health and safety at work management systems. Standard used is NP 4397 (similar to OHSAS 1800 specification). Other standards or technical specifications adapted to industrial sectors are additionally used by ISQ. Environment Consultancy in environmental management systems by ISQ is there to analyse and reduce environmental impacts during the production cycle and on all stages of product processing. Universally used standard is NP EN ISO 14001 (equal to ISO 14001). There are further standards or technical specifications adapted to industrial sectors and which can be used as reference or used complementarily. Integrated management systems ISQ consulting in Integrated Management Systems enables organizations, in addition to the development of their internal processes, to obtain certification of its integrated management system, covering aspects related to environmental impacts, quality, social and safety and health at work, usually governed by compulsory legal requirements. Standards used are NP EN ISO 14001, NP EN ISO 9001, SA 8000 and NP 4397, respectively for environment, quality, social responsibility and safety and health at work.  


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